Best Netball Trips Destinations

Are you looking for the best netball trips destinations for your end of season trip? With lots of destinations waiting for you this summer, there’s no reason for you to stay home and look at those breathtaking photos of your friends from at a beach party or festival. Netball trips

best footy trips destinations

Best Footy Trips Destinations

Are you looking for the best footy trips destinations to create a memorable holiday? It might be challenge as there are tons of amazing options where your team can spend your end of season trip. Whether you have won the grand final or had a fun season the only way

Best bucks party destinations

Best Bucks Party Destinations

Epic Holidays best bucks party destinations for the grooms last night night of freedom. Being the best man is certainly no easy job. You need to make sure the rings are kept safe, provide moral support and help him shop for his tux. But perhaps the most important duty of

What do you do on a hens night?

Lets plan an epic hens night lasdies. Being a bridesmaid involves more responsibilities than you thing. On one hand, you need to be ready to intervene every time your friend is on the verge of becoming a full bridezilla and tame her down, which is not always easy to do.


What Is a Bux Party?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you should know a bux party, or bucks party is the party future grooms have before their big day. Depending on where you find yourself geographically, you will find this sort of event under different names. In the US, you will find it as

How do you organise a bucks night?

As the groom’s best man, you may be in charge of organizing the bucks night. But, we all know that organizing this sort of events is somewhat complicated. Keep in mind that it is your duty as the best man to make sure the entire crew has a lot of

Top 10 Cricket Trips ideas

Top 10 Cricket Trips Ideas

Here are the Epic Holidays top 10 cricket trips ideas. If you are looking to plan the perfect end of season cricket trip, but can’t seem to find any ideas, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of 10 of the most perfect ideas for you

Top 10 Brisbane Bars

Top 10 Brisbane Bars

Here are the Top 10 Brisbane Bars. The Brisbane’s bar scene is lovely and diverse, with a wave of recent openings. From live music joints to sophisticated bars, there’s always a place where you can enjoy a refreshing cold drink and have live music to boot. You don’t need a

best footy trips destinations

Top 10 Night Clubs Bali

Here are the Top 10 night clubs Bali. Looking for a place to sit back and unwind in the party capital of Indonesia? You couldn’t have come to a better place. Bali has everything you might possibly need, including energetic activity. The nightlife experience is truly unique. Nightclubs, pubs, theatre

Unique Bucks Party Ideas

Here are 8 unique bucks party ideas. The honourable title of “Best Man” does not come free of responsibilities. Apart from round-the-clock moral support for the groom and giving the first toast, one of these responsibilities is planning the best bucks party for the husband-to-be. Sure, losing one of the

bucks party games

Bucks Party Games

When you plan a bucks party, you have to focus on multiple aspects like the venue, catering services, guests and games. All the above details have great importance when hosting a party because they will influence the attendees’ experience. If you are in charge to host one of your friends’

top 10 Sydney nightclubs

Top 10 Sydney Nightclubs

Top 10 Sydney nightclubs, by Epic Holidays. A night of fun out in the town should include a few must-have ingredients, and dancing is the most important one. There’s no better feeling than enjoying upbeat rhythms, shiny lights and being surrounded by positive vibes and energy. If you want to

Top 10 Melbourne Nightclubs

Top 10 Melbourne nightclubs, by Epic Holidays. For feel good-vibes, enthusiasts have to try Melbourne’s dance floors. With the hottest DJs, the latest jams, and never-ending parties on the dancefloors, sometimes it’s hard to decide which one you should try next. Fortunately enough for wild Aussies and tourists, ready to

top 10 Gold Coast nightclubs

Top 10 Gold Coast Nightclubs

Top 10 Gold Coast nightclubs, in no particular order, by Epic Holidays. PARTY!! The Gold Coast is one of the most visited regions in Australia. Exhilarating and fun, with a reputation of Surfer’s Paradise, the Gold Coast also prises itself with bars, nightclubs, lounges, and exciting venues. Plus, it has

Unique bucks party ideas

End Of Season Footy Trips

Why do we say that we are the champions of planning end of season footy trips in Australia? The answer is simple, we have organised hundreds of end of season trips, and this experience helps us work out what’s best for our clients. We know, better than anyone else, that

How to Plan the Perfect Bucks Party

Most laymen think that planning a bucks party is a simple task, on par with organizing a foursome for a round of golf, or pulling off a bank robbery in a sleepy Melbourne town. But that is why most laymen aren’t invited to come up with bucks party ideas. At

Hens Party Ideas

Top 10 Hens Party ideas

Get super organised and knock out a few of these top 10 Hens party ideas! Every hen’s party is fun but its all in the planning so check out some fun ideas to make it easier. Epic Holidays offers lots of package ideas, VIP treatment, hens activities, Free entry and hens

end of season trip

Top 10 Bucks Party Ideas Gold Coast

The best man clearly wants the best for the buck for his last night of freedom,  so hit the Gold Coast with all your closest mates. Epic Holidays offers lots of package ideas, VIP treatment, bucks activities, Free entry and bucks freebies so get in touch if you need any help.

Top 10 Bucks party ideas Brisbane

Top 10 Bucks Party Ideas Brisbane

Brisbane has lots of great bucks party ideas for that last night of freedom. Get everyone together and have a blast is Brisvegas. Epic Holidays offers lots of package ideas, VIP treatment, bucks activities, Free entry and bucks freebies so get in touch if you need any help. Here are some

Top 10 Bucks Party Ideas Sydney

If you’re looking for bucks party ideas Sydney for giving your good mate a proper send-off into married life, you can take your pick from a dizzying array of activities. From traditional options like hitting the casino to more adventurous pursuits like skydiving, there is no end to the possibilities.

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