How do you

organise a

bucks night?

How do you organise a bucks night?

As the groom’s best man, you may be in charge of organizing the bucks night. But, we all know that organizing this sort of events is somewhat complicated. Keep in mind that it is your duty as the best man to make sure the entire crew has a lot of fun, has good beverages to drink, and good memories are due to be made.

Fear not, we have some advice that will take you out of the dark before the big event. Follow the steps below to make sure your best buddy has the time of their life.

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Have a list of people to invite

Like any party out there, you’ll have to put together a clear list of guests. Speak to the groom first, even if you have a closely-knit group of friends. There might be family members or work colleagues that the groom might want to celebrate with. Be mindful and discuss the guest list with the groom.

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2. Pay attention to personal preferences

Make sure you find out if any of the guests have any personal preferences, they might want to share with you before the party. These preferences and quirks will help you make a better idea of what type of event you have to organize. These include any special preferences that might be related to moral aspects or religious aspects. Some of them might not want to drink alcoholic beverages. This will help you plan the party easier and more successfully.

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3. Pay attention to your groom’s likes and dislikes

While you want to make sure you account for your guests’ desires and wishes, make sure you collaborate with the groom closely. Ask the groom if he has certain preferences or demand for their bucks night.

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4. Make a solid list of don’ts

After discussing with the groom, make sure you have a clear list of don’ts put together. They might have some special demands down the line, such as no exotic dancers, no alcohol, and so on. Follow these rules to the letter.

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5. Get quotes from different vendors and venues

Once you have a list of demands from your groom as well as guests, you can start searching for the perfect venue and suppliers. Get at least two quotes for everything you need to purchase or book. The prices will vary tremendously. You’ll be able to save a lot of money if your research process is thoroughly done.

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6. Update the bucks party guests

Once everything is established and you have a date, hour, and venue to meet at, you can go ahead and update the guests. This also means offering them an approximate cost. This will help you clear the details and eliminate confusion. Other details you have to include are the itinerary, the cost of entertainment, drink expenses, a deadline for them to pay, but also the account where to pay.

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Everybody has contributed to the party, everything is set for the evening, now all you have to do is help you best buddy have the best night of their life! Enjoy the time you have with your friends. Everything should be as streamlined and smooth as possible.

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