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When you plan a bucks party, you have to focus on multiple aspects like the venue, catering services, guests and games. All the above details have great importance when hosting a party because they will influence the attendees’ experience.

If you are in charge to host one of your friends’ bucks party, you will have to pay attention to all these aspects. For a future-groom, this event celebrates his final days as a bachelor, but it also marks the end of a life stage and the beginning of another. This part is the perfect opportunity for the groom to spend quality time with his buddies before he marries the woman of his dreams. And the best way to have an unforgettable night is to drink with their closest friends and to play party games.

No bucks party is successful without drinking games. Men from both the bride and groom’s sides attend these parties, so there are chances some of them not to have met before. Bucks party games are the perfect way to help people relax and get in the party mood. Here are some of the most popular bucks party games people play, even Poker Deluxe approved them as the best party boosters.

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Most Likely

This game is the perfect tool to help people know each other and bond. It’s a starter for the crazier moments that are about to come. Everyone should have his drinks close by when the game starts. Someone will ask a “most likely” question like “Who is more likely to lose his keys tonight?”, he will count to three and then they all should point to the man who is most likely to do it. The “target” has to drink as many shots as people who pointed at him.

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Bring everyone together around a table, fill it with shots and take your seats. Before the game starts everyone should look down on the table, on the count of three all of you raise your head and look at someone. You are safe as long as you look at someone who isn’t looking at you. If you look to his eyes, you say Medusa and drink a shot.

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Scavenger Hunt

Start the hunt when everyone is woozy, it will be more challenging than you imagine. Each man should make a list of the things bachelors should do during the night. The one who completes all of them or most of them wins the hunt. Creating the list will look like a gargantuan task when everyone is tipsier. It’s the perfect opportunity to use your creativity and put your crazy ideas down on paper. Here are some examples you can inspire from.
- Dedicate a song, or better shout it out to the groom
- Ask a girl to show the groom her underwear
- Ask a lady for a condom
- Get the entire group on the dance floor
- Have a lady write her number somewhere on the groom
- Lap dance to a stranger and film it

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Drunk Jenga

This game will steal the show during the bucks party, but you should play it with a twist. So, all of you are punchy and you try to keep the tower on its feet while you pull out one block at a time. Are you ready? Here comes the twist. You all should pour in a large glass their beverages, it doesn’t matter if you are having a shot or a glass of beer, just mix it. The last man who pulls out the block before the tower falls has to drink the mix.

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How well do you know me?

This game will test the groom how well he knows his future wife. You will need the help of the bride on this. Ask her to make a list with easy, medium and difficult questions. If he fails to answer a question, he should be punished. Be creative with the punishments without torturing the future groom, he needs to be on his feet when he will say his vows.
Here are good questions:
- What is her favourite soap opera?
- What is her favourite dessert?
- Does she have a nickname for your balls?

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Beer Pong

Guys are competitive and this game will allow them to show off their best strategies and skills. Everyone should come with a strategy to distract the others, one idea is to ask a lady do a lap dance to the opponents when their turn comes. When a team shots a ball in a cup the opponents have to do a dare, strip or chug.

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Underwear Twister

Twister is a classic game but you can spice it up if you ask some girls to join you. You don’t have to invite your life partners to play along, you can have the bucks party in a bar or striptease club and ask a group of strangers join you. You can even ask the waitresses or strippers to play along if they don’t have a busy night will definitely accept the challenge. As you can imagine is more than satisfying to watch the girls with short skirts and crop tops trying to reach the colours on the board and stretching in different directions. If you are in a striptease club you are some lucky men, you will be delighted with a pleasurable view. If you want to actively take part in the game, you should join the girls.

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Cup Swap

Every player should have a spoon and two cups, one empty and one filled with your favourite drink. You will also need a timer. One of you should watch the timer. During a turn, all the players have to transfer as much booze as you can from one cup to another using your spoon in 30 seconds or more. When the time is up you have to drink what is left in your first cup.
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That wraps up our bucks party games blog so feel free to get in touch in you need more inspiration and package ideas.

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