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Hens Party IdeasLooking for awesome, unique Hens Party Ideas with Freebies and VIP treatment? Epic Holidays arranges awesome hens activities and packages. If your group is about to lose one of the girls, the least you can do is send her off with a bang and give her a hens do to remember. We specialize in organizing the best hens night party packages full of fun activities, entertainment, and pampering,  so you know that we will plan a hen do you’ll talk about for years. We have over 10 years of experience organizing hens parties, so we’ll tailor your hen party experience to meet your budget and fill it with action-packed activities, VIP club entries and party packages.

Your Hens Party Australia Experts

We arrange everything from flights, accommodation, activities and transfers and have an exciting and enthralling range of packages just waiting for you. We can even arrange a male stripper, VIP nightclub entry, a limo tour, boat party or pub crawl for when the sun goes down. The best thing about Epic Holidays is that have local contacts in all the best party destinations so we know how to pull out all the stops and give you exactly what you are looking for. Don't hesitate to get in contact and one of our friendly staff will follow up and help plan a great experience and hunt down the best deals.

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  • Free Nightclub entry + drink on arrival
  • $50 organiser discount plus free club crawl ticket
  • $500 Discount pass - activities, food and drinks.
  • VIP bottle service available
  • Free accommodation upgrades

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Epic Holidays easy payment system allows groups to reserve now and pay later. The organiser simply shares a link to invite people to the trip on Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, text or email and Epic Holidays will manage the group for you so you can sit back and relax.
  • Reserve now pay later - Secure early bird prices!
  • Flexible group bookings - Group size changes, no problem!
  • Group bookings guaranteed - Approved party hotels
  • Central Accommodation close to the bars and clubs
  • Room configuration arranged - Reduce costs per person
  • Fully Customised packages
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How to plan a Hens party?

If this is the first hens party you plan, it can be a stressful job because it’s a large and complex event. Here are some steps that will help you organise the best hens’ party for your friend.

Step 1 – Get the future bride involved

Only because you are in charge of the event it doesn’t mean the bride doesn’t have something to say about it. You should speak to her and find out what she expects from the party. Of course, you can plan some surprises but she should help you create a rough plan. Where? The future bride may want to have an overseas hen’s party, but as it can be pricier than a local event, only a few of her friends will probably attend it. Or she may prefer a local party, somewhere close to home. Find out what she wants without revealing the exact location. How much? You should ask all the attendees how much they afford to spend for the party, but you should also talk to the future bride to find out what her budget is. You should discuss the budget over a glass of wine, everyone will find easier to share things. Dos and don’ts Ask her if she prefers a certain venue or location, and what she expects from the party. Find out how her ideal and nightmare hens parties look like. If the bride loves adrenaline, you may want to do more than having a wine party at a classy restaurant. She may want to visit a place she has always dreamt to see. See what is important for her, the venue, the location, the food, the drinks or the activities you are planning. How long? Even if you have to work with a tight budget, you still have to find out if she expects to spend a night in a club or she wants to party two or three days in a row. She may prefer spending time with her friends exploring a certain location rather than partying until morning in a bar.

Step 2 – Make a guest list

You should always consult the bride when you create the invite list, it does not have be the final one, but you can rely on it to have an idea on the type and scale of the party you have to plan. You can add or cut people out of the list as long as you don’t miss to invite anyone vital for the event.

Step 3 – Come Up with a List of Possible Dates

Before deciding the date, ask the bride to offer more possible dates, you will have to find a day when everyone is available. Make sure that you consult with all the guests and choose a time that suits most of them. Talk to the bride to create a list of priority guests, people she really wants to join the event, it will make things easier for you. If the entire group cannot decide on a single date, choose the one the vital guests prefer.

Step 4 – Set Up a WhatsApp or Facebook Group

Once you know the date, budget and location of the party, you should create a chat group to easily communicate with the hens. The more people are in the group and find out details about the party, the more are likely to come.

Step 5 – Decide on a Location

If you have a rough idea of how many girls will join you at the party, you can start looking for locations. You can ask Epic Holidays for suggestions.

hens doStep 6 – Plan Activities

The location of the party will influence the type of activities you can plan. Before planning the activities, ask the ladies if they have certain limitations, some of them may be pregnant and they may not be able to take part in physical activities. The bride’s preferences are always a determining factor so make sure to include this aspect when you talk to her.

Step 7 – Give Out The Final Details, Dates and Prices to the Others

Use your Facebook or WhatsApp group to share the final details of the hen's party. Inform them on the location, price and activities you plan to have. It’s better to go to them with a decided plan than consulting them at every step of the way, different people have different opinions and they will not make your life easier. As long as the bride and the bridesmaids are happy with the details of the hen's party you have the perfect plan. Epic Holidays can help you during the process because they can offer support to create a successful plan.

Step 8 – Confirm Your Booking

Ask the guests to re-confirm their presence once the final details are set. Once everything is clear, inform them that you are booking the basic services, plane tickets, restaurant, hotel and other similar ones. If they said they would join you, they really have to be there. If you collaborate with Epic Holidays they offer a group payment system, you can use to book and pay off for everything in instalments. One of their planners can help you organise the entire party and have an enjoyable experience doing it.

Step 9 – Collect the Money or use Epic's easy payment system!

Epic holidays can do more than helping you plan the hen's party, they can offer you access to a group payment system. You can invite all the guests to join the booking platform and verify who paid their instalments. You will need a $250pp deposit to confirm the trip and pay the rest later.  

hens night

Step 10 – The Finer Details - Delegate

Once you book the big things, you can focus on the ones that require your creativity to work hard. If some of the guests are willing to help you to plan the event you should delegate some of the tasks, it will help you keep everything organised.
  • Decide what games you will play during the night
  • Buy party accessories both for the bride and the hens
  • Decorate the hotel room or the rented house according to the theme you have decided for the event
  • Customise hen party t-shirts
  • Decide what party bags each one of you will wear

If In Doubt

Ask one of our experts for help as our team are always happy to help and there are very few questions we haven't had before. With 10 years of experience, we know a thing or two about building perfect hens party ideas and we know that this isn't just any weekend/night. This is a weekend of awesome proportions and getting it right is crucial and we're happy to help make that happen.

Check List

Epic Holidays offer free travel advice so feel free to call or email anytime. For more information visit the Smart Traveler government website.
  • Pick the date
  • Check it doesn't clash with another occasion
  • Brainstorm the best ideas over drinks
  • Choose the destination
  • Decide on the budget
  • Get all the guests to commit
  • Keep everyone updated with plans
  • Checklist the small stuff (transport, food, etc)
  • Get a hens company to do the hard work for you and present the hottest bachelorette ideas.









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