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Hens Party Ideas

Looking for Hens Party Ideas? Then look no further as you are in safe hands with Epic Holidays. If your group is about to lose one of the girls, the least you can do is send her off with a bang and give her a hens party to remember. We specialize in organizing the best hens party packages full of fun activities, entertainment, and pampering,  so you know that we will plan a holiday you’ll talk about for years. With over ten years experience in organizing hens parties, we’ll tailor your trip to your budget and will fill it with action-packed activities, club entries, and events. Whether you’re going to Sin City itself, or somewhere closer to home we’ve got you covered and will organize everything for you. Contact us today for great Hens Party Ideas as we offer the best hotel rates guaranteed.  

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Hens Party Ideas

Hens Party Ideas

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Hens Party Ideas – Acitvities

Hens Party Ideas
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Hens Party Ideas

 Hens Party Tips

1. Pick a Destination & Date

Pick 3 destinations based on the Hens interests and present them to her.  A local option, a fun getaway, and an all-out option. The date should be at least 6 weeks in advance and it is advisable to avoid any major holidays. If you pick an overseas destination you can expect fewer people to come.

2. Where are you staying

Depending on the place, it’s really a hostel/hotel/house argument here.  In a house, you have everyone together and bonding happens more organically and it can be cheaper but the sleeping situation is harder and you have to clean up or live in mess. 15 girls sharing a house gets pretty dirty quickly.

Hotels are the best option as they are centrally located so you are closer to the action. They normally have pools so you can meet people and have a fun atmosphere. A hotel is kept clean and it also means you have a chance for that 5 min power nap and a clean shower to freshen up before another big night out.

A Hostel is your cheapest option and a lot of fun as you meet international travelers but not every hotel in Australia takes Hens Parties so not a guarantee.

3. The guest list

Inevitably, the Hen will be over-confidently and assume everyone will come but this not the case so tell her to be realistic and aim for 10-15 people.  Any more and you usually have to split up tables at meals and bars.  Invite 20 people and expect around 10-15.

4. Book Early

Group discounts are available if you plan ahead and a lot of companies offer ‘pay later’ options like Epic Holidays. Best to book the hotel first and then it is locked in.

5. Create a Facebook page or email list

Get some group banter happening and start coming up with fun ideas for the Hens Party.  Make sure you get everyone on the list and start a fun topic to get everyone involved. This a great place to come up with all the Hens party ideas to make it a memorable experience.

6. Activities/Events

It is best to book your activities in advance so there is an actual plan or what happens is that everyone argues ver what to do for hours. Booking in horseriding, high tea or a spa day in the day is a great way for everyone to bond and also create lots laughs for the night out. It is advisable to not over book though so a rule of thumb is book 1 activity per day and a pub crawl/stripper max in a day. Book any activity past lunch time as a night out with the girls is always heavier and later than you think. Epic Holidays have heaps of fun Hens party ideas to choose from.

7. Get a deposit

Make sure you get a small commitment from everyone and book in advance so people can plan with work, family and the husband/partner.

Hens Party Ideas
8. Travel Advice

Epic Holidays offer free travel advice so feel free to call or email anytime. For more information visit the Smart Traveler government website.

9. Have a blast

Whether it is a Sex and the City, Pretty Woman or Clueless style Hens Party is up to you. Epic Holidays have heaps of awesome Hens party ideas suit your budget.





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