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Unique Bucks Party Ideas

unique bucks party ideasHere are 8 unique bucks party ideas. The honourable title of “Best Man” does not come free of responsibilities. Apart from round-the-clock moral support for the groom and giving the first toast, one of these responsibilities is planning the best bucks party for the husband-to-be.

Sure, losing one of the boys does require some drinking and embarrassing storytelling. But in order to make sure his last night as a bachelor, you’ll have to do something exciting. The following list was put together to give you some unique ideas for an unforgettable bucks night (or weekend).

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Wine Course

If your friend is a classy wine lover, offer him the perfect combination of drinking and knowledge with a wine appreciation course. If you live in a big city, it’s not hard to find a sommelier who is willing to share some of his secrets with you. You can start the evening with a wine course, where you can drink, have a chat and learn how to properly hold a glass of wine. Continue the night with a good dinner and, to keep the booze coming, some club-crawling.

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Private Poker Room

Even if you are not an avid player, it’s good to know that most casinos have private poker rooms that you can hire for a Vegas-like party to remember. What could make you feel more like gentlemen than having your own dealer for the table and waiter tending to your needs? To make it even more classy, make the dress code suit only, get some cigars and order lots of whiskey on the rocks.

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Shooting Range

If you’re more of an adventurous bunch, round up your mates for some target shooting. While this is not a common activity for a bucks party, it can turn out to be quite fun for everybody. Who would not like to learn how to shoot a real gun like Rambo? While in Australia, shooting ranges are not exactly on every street corner, but with a bit of online searching, you will be able to find what you are looking for. Want a bit more of a Call of Duty experience? Try some paintball instead.

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Rent a Penthouse

Want a more private, yet luxurious party? Nothing compares to a penthouse with room service and a hot tub on the terrace. Look for what the top hotels in your city have to offer and forget about the credit card limit for the night. Get the whole gang together, relax in the hot tub, and order some topless waitresses for the night. Beers, food, beer pong, your best mates and sexy ladies and maybe a XXX show.

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Advanced Drive Day

For your car enthusiast mate, forget go-karting and plan a full drive day experience. Brands such as Porsche, Audi and BMW organise these drive days for people to sample their best cars. What could be more fun than speeding round a racetrack trying to get the best lap time? Buckle up, start your engines!

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Private Dining

Lots of restaurants have private dining rooms that you can rent for the night. Treat yourself with a three-course menu, some good wine and even a nice dessert. Dress nice, share stories and enjoy some good food with your best mates. If you want a truly memorable night, choose the groom’s favourite restaurant. Or, even better, go to that expensive place you all wanted to go but did not find the proper occasion. Wrap up the night at the club or strip bar. For the more adventurous there is always steak and “tits “packages.

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Hire a Private Box at His Favourite Event

Is the husband-to-be a sports, theatre or music lover? Then this is the perfect party for him. Look for an event that he is eager to see and hire a private box for all of you to enjoy. Besides the obvious entertainment, you’ll be sure to enjoy some good food and drinks at a great match in style. Look for his favourite sports team’s next game or his favourite band even. To keep everyone happy, try to pick something all the boys will enjoy. Plus you can always kick on afterwards to party into the early hours.

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Lawn Bowls

This is probably the most affordable option on this list, but this does not mean it’s the least fun. Gather your mates and head to the nearest bowls club to enjoy a nice afternoon in the sun. Grab some drinks, throw a few bowls and make fun of the loser. Fun, affordable and you’ll most definitely get some extra points from the bride-to-be for keeping her future husband away from temptation. Most bowls clubs have good food and cheap drinks so it's always a winner to start the day off.

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