Top 10 Cricket

Trips Ideas

Top 10 Cricket Trips Ideas

Cricket trips

Here are the Epic Holidays top 10 cricket trips ideas. If you are looking to plan the perfect end of season cricket trip, but can’t seem to find any ideas, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of 10 of the most perfect ideas for you and the group to enjoy a memorable trip and celebrate your team’s results.

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1) A boat party

Get the team together and rent a boat to go out on a sailing trip and throw a fun party. Make sure to have everything set: music, drinks, food and lots of entertainment. Make sure everyone has their bathing suits ready and go for a swim at midnight as well

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2) Club crawling

You can never go wrong with a night out entering every club you can find. Make it a rule to drink a shot in every bar you enter and make sure you don’t lose any member behind. The last one to go home wins a bottle of their favourite spirit.

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3) A paintball game

What could be more fun than shooting some coloured balls at your friends? Paintball is always full of adrenaline and fun and there are numerous game modes you can choose from. Last one standing, capture the flag, and many other games, are waiting for you.

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4) An all-inclusive barbeque

A BBQ party will always be a win. Organize a complete party with lots of food, drink and backyard games. If you can find a place with a pool, then even better! Make Sure to include all the BBQ food you can think of: burgers, hot dogs, BBQ corn and lots and lots of beer.

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5) Scuba diving

If you love water, then a scuba diving trip is just right for you. Swimming, enjoying the nice water and getting a chance to see all those amazing sea creatures will make for a day to remember for everyone. Make sure all those who are coming know how to swim and, if not, you can even arrange for some swimming lessons prior.

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6) A private resort

Want an exclusive party? Rent a house on a private resort for everyone to relax, swim and, of course, party. What could go wrong with laying in the sun all day and enjoying some nice food and drinks on a deck?

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7) A night at the casino

If you want to keep it classy, plan a night at the casino for the entire team. You can have some fun, play some games and enjoy the free drinks. Make sure you set a limit, to avoid going into trouble at the end of the night.

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8) A costume party

Decide on a theme and have everyone come up costumed for a private party. You can choose an adventurous theme, a classic one, or even a cartoonish one. One single rule: everybody must be costumed to enter!

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9) Team games

Be it bubble soccer, basketball, bowls or even beer pong, plan a day of team games so the group can come out even stronger after this trip. You can find lots of ideas or you can even come up with your own games to make it more entertaining.

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10) A beach house party

Rent a beach house and throw a party for the entire team. Make sure you don’t forget any of the essentials: finger food, good music and lots of booze.

That wraps up our top 10 cricket trips ideas but please get in touch if you need a quote.

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