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What do you do on a hens night?

hens night

Lets plan an epic hens night lasdies. Being a bridesmaid involves more responsibilities than you thing. On one hand, you need to be ready to intervene every time your friend is on the verge of becoming a full bridezilla and tame her down, which is not always easy to do. On the other hand, you have the great duty of planning her last party as a bachelorette – the hen party.

If you find yourself struggling to plan the best party for your friend, to celebrate her last night as a single girl, maybe the ideas below will help get you on the right track and give you more time to focus on your other bridesmaid tasks.

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A glamorous cocktail-party

Nothing is too much for the future bride-to-be, so why not make her feel like a million dollars and throw her a glamorous cocktail party? Ask all the girls to dress up in their best outfits and prepare for a sassy night. To make it a real success, make sure to include all the essentials of a cocktail party. First, make sure the bartender is ready to make all the drinks you and, most importantly, the bride, likes.
Secondly, make sure you don’t forget about the food either. Hire a catering firm to take care of serving the food all night long, for a successful evening. To top it all off, make everything official by sending out beautiful printed invitations for all the guests and let them know they need to RSVP for such a luxurious event.

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A day at the spa followed by a night out

Planning a wedding is not exactly the easiest thing in the world, so the bride must have a lot on her hands. Give her the opportunity to relax with a full day at a spa with the whole group. Massage, aromatherapy, sauna, make sure you get the whole package! Ask them if they have a special package for hen parties, as most spas usually do.
Then, complete the day with a night out at the bride’s favorite club or bar. With your body and mind relaxed, you will have enough energy to dance and have fun until the sun comes up.

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A concert she likes

Is her favorite band coming to town? Then give her the best present and get tickets for all the group. Not only will you be having fun, but is also a night she will remember for the rest of her life. Dancing to her favorite music, with her best friends around, is everything a girl can wish for.
To make it even more special, maybe try to arrange for her to go backstage and meet the band. Sometimes, organizers are open to such things and will be happy to help.

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A sleepover with a twist

If you want to keep it classic and remember the old times, you can’t go wrong with a sleepover. But you are not little girls anymore, so make sure you make it a night to remember. Play some old sleepover games, but make sure to adapt them for the occasion. Make sure you all get a special outfit for the evening, such as matching PJs, or robes and prepare for a night full of stores, fun and, of course, alcohol.

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Male strippers

This the cheeky option but it is a lot of fun for the bride to be for their last night of freedom. There are a few options like going to a male strip club, a show like princes of the night at Crown casino, or an in-room show that can get a little naughtier. Please get in touch with us at Epic for all the latest events in your city.

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