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End Of Season Footy Trips

Why do we say that we are the champions of planning end of season footy trips in Australia? The answer is simple, we have organised hundreds of end of season trips, and this experience helps us work out what’s best for our clients.

We know, better than anyone else, that it can be stressful to plan this type of outing. Our team has a single purpose; we want to transform this experience into a memorable one. We will handle every aspect of the trip while you focus on the things that interest you. Our travel consultants are always here to listen to your requests, and they will make sure they use their knowledge and experience to organise a first-class trip for you.

Epic Holidays will do the hard work for you, so you should enjoy the time you spend with your fellow team players. We planned events all over Australia for hundreds of Footy trips and experienced every hostel, hotel, bar, club, party and activity first hand so we can recommend the best experience for your team trip.

All blokes’ love a great end of season footy trips away as the banter flows and the beers never stop so book today. If you want to have an awesome footy trip, here are the rules to try to follow through.

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Leave your phone in your pocket or even better at the hotel

Remember why you are here, you want to spend time with your teammates and have a blast. You are only away for a couple of days, so you should disconnect from your day-to-day life and go crazy. You’ve worked hard to win a flag or avoid relegation, so now is the time to have a laugh.

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Have a theme and all dress up

We encourage you to be creative and different this year. You away from home, so you can do whatever you want to do something fun that you will remember. All dress up as Nintendo characters and go lawn bowling with a few beers. The photos will be hilarious!!

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No social media, for real

There’s no reason to post pictures of your footy trip on social media so people can party without fear of losing their job for doing something silly. Be present, don’t worry about what’s happening back home and enjoy yourselves.

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Choose the winner and loser of the trip

No, it’s not a contest, but your trip would even more epic if you declare someone king of the tour. Create a point system, some dares and vote for the winner. It can be at the end of the day, or at the end of the trip. Don’t forget to decide who the king and fool are before arriving home!

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A footy trip without a fine is not a good trip

Create a fine system at the first bar and let the games begin. Pay them, drink for them, and forget about them.

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No stories for outsiders

What goes on tour stays on tour is the old adage so keep to it. This trip is a sacred event for you and your boys so remember this code of honour.

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Final Thought

Whatever you decide this year, have a blast and do something different. Epic Holidays have plenty of unique ideas so get in touch and we can help make it one to remember.

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