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Top 10 Sydney Nightclubs

top 10 Sydney nightclubsTop 10 Sydney nightclubs, by Epic Holidays.

A night of fun out in the town should include a few must-have ingredients, and dancing is the most important one. There’s no better feeling than enjoying upbeat rhythms, shiny lights and being surrounded by positive vibes and energy.

If you want to let yourself loose and put your dancing shoes on while you’re in Sydney, you probably want to know where the best nightlife spots are in the city. Different music styles, talented DJs, a pleasant atmosphere – there are many great places in Sydney for any type of crowd.

Whether you want to enjoy a Saturdays night out with your friends, or you want to practice your best dance moves, where should you go first? Here are the top 10 most popular nightclubs in the city, each one with its own particular appeal:

Let’s see below which are our top 10 Sydney nightclubs. Great for bucks, hens, footy trips, cricket trips, & netball trips,

Oxford Art Factory , Sydney

The Oxford is a great live music venue on Oxford Street and hosts incredible events in a cosy space. Lots of awesome International bands play here with a pretty cool mosh pit. The Oxford also hosts indie electronic producers and DJs, plus lots as local acts in the gallery bar. This funky spot is always a guaranteed great night out.

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Civic Hotel , Sydney

The Civic Hotel awaits you with three levels, each one showcasing a different vibe, to suit your specific mood. At first, the lower level you’ll find a nightclub, the middle one holds a pub, and the top level consists of a restaurant based on Mediterranean cuisine. While on the weekends, the crowd is diverse, and a bit funky, during the week, the Civic Hotel is mainly visited by a young crowd of professionals seeking to relax after work. The music ranges in style, from jazz to techno, and on Saturdays, drag shows are often hosted.

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The Junction, Sydney

If you ask anyone who lives there, Bondi Junction is the last place you’d expect to have decent clubs in this city. Known more for its mega-mall than dancefloors, the suburb has had a renaissance since the lockouts, and The Junction (formerly the Jam Gallery) is a venue of choice for the hot young kids. It’s also where festivals usually roll through for after parties, so big-name rappers and DJs are not an uncommon sight – and neither are the lines at the door.

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Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Cool Chinese decor with 3 dance floors and a courtyard, what else could you want? Chinese Laundry is one of Australia's longest running and most respected nightclubs. It is found beneath the infamous Slip Inn which is always a good warm-up venue. The large outdoor garden is a very cool spot if you want a breather for all the loud music. The mega-club hosts the worlds best DJs to create a truly memorable experience. With 3 rooms, there is always some cool music to suits all tastes.

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Q Bar, Sydney

Why choose between dancing and playing pool or video games, when you can do it both in the same location? Q Bar has it all – pinball machines, pool tables, dance floors and bars. The party vibes are comfortable and relaxing, and you have a quiet place to chill with your friends. Because it holds a 24-hour license, Q Bar is flexible in terms of opening and closing hours.

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Ivy Bar , Sydney

Friendly staff, a mixed crowd, a bright and chic décor – there isn’t a thing you won’t love about Ivy Bar. With a sophisticated urban setting, Ivy Bar has become a preferred choice for Sydney locals, being versatile in terms of entertainment. While it has private lounge corners for intimate talk, you have more than enough room for dancing and mingling as well. And because everybody knows a great night also demands great food, you can order from a variety of tasty dishes.

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Marquee Sydney, Sydney

It’s inside the Star casino, and where else would you expect to find visuals this good and acts that large on an average weekend? About as Vegas as Sydney gets, Marquee has hosted acts such as Calvin Harris, Drake, Avicii, Tiesto, Hardwell and even a set from Paris Hilton. Expect confetti, glamorous dancers and top Australian DJs as well.

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The Argyle , Sydney

Six entertainment spots under one roof – that’s what The Argyle is all about. The Belvedere bar is where you can enjoy a fancy cocktail, The Rebey room provides a more intimate atmosphere, the Gallery sets the party tone, while the sandstone Courtyard is ideal for relaxation. The venue periodically books international DJ shows, so if you’re up for a night to remember, you won’t be disappointed in what The Argyle has to offer.

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Home the Venue , Sydney

Being known as one of Sydney’s largest venues, it has a capacity for more than 2000 people. You’ll come across 8 different spaces, incorporating rooms with diverse music styles and genres. The venue’s outdoor setting is just as lovely as its interior, having three outdoor lounge spots. To get past the door staff, you should come early and wear an appropriate outfit.

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Candy’s apartment , Sydney

An 1800's sewer pit, holding a mixture of zany lights and popular local bands – that’s a simple way to describe Candy’s apartment. The place is one of the oldest nightclubs in Sydney, and it’s where locals come when they want to party all night long. The atmosphere is laid-back, the décor interesting and antique-styled and the music is a mix of different genres.

That wraps our top 10 Sydney nightclubs but please get in touch if you need any help getting on the guest list.

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