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Buggy Racing - Las Vegas

Try your hand at buggy racing at Sun Buggies on the Las Vegas strip. Cars sit a range of 1 to 6 people, so you can go as an individual with all of your mates. Experience an off road tour with a difference as these high speed vehicles allow you do go on a speedy race through the desert. No normal vehicle could survive on the specially made course, on which the magnificent skyline of the Las Vegas strip can be seen over the sand dunes.

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Dune Buggy Racing - Bali

Dune Buggies are like an off road go kart and the sun soaked beaches of Bali make the ideal spot for an afternoon of dune buggy racing. With a race marshal waving the chequered flag, it is almost like you are in the Grand Prix, however your actually skidding about in the sand and leaving your mates eating dust as you head for the finish line.

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