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Top 10 Bucks Party Ideas Melbourne

Unique and Unusual Bucks Night Ideas for Around Melbourne

So You’re Organising A Bucks Party In Melbourne?

You’re looking for fun, exciting and memorable bucks party ideas and venues that will have the boys AMAZED by your planning skills.

We’re all familiar with the stock-standard lad’s night out bucks party that involves drinking plenty of beer and spending the night in a dark (and sometimes questionable) bar. If that vibe doesn’t appeal to you and you’d prefer something not as tacky, there are so many more ideas out there. Melbourne has plenty of things to do when it comes to your bucks party, so here are a few classier ideas.

Here is our list of the 10 best bucks party ideas Melbourne has to offer for any groom.

1) Brewery & Pub Tours, Melbourne

When you’re in charge of the bucks party for your boy, you’ve been given a sacred trust. You’re responsible for your best friend’s last hurrah, and you need to make it a party the gang will never forget.
Aussie Brewery Tours offers beer, cider, spirit and food lovers an experience they will never forget! Our tours include custom air-conditioned transport, knowledgeable guides, gourmet food, back of house tours, generous tastings and complimentary drinks.
Their tours are designed to be enjoyed by the beer, cider & spirit connoisseur, those who enjoy a cheeky drink with mates, right through to those who “don’t really drink/like beer and cider”. But don’t take our word for it read the amazing reviews on Tripadvisor!
Mountain Goat, Moon Dog, 3 Ravens, Thunder Road, Temple Brewing Company…there are an abundance of excellent boutique and craft breweries to explore in Melbourne, so why not get a crew together, book a tour and get tasting? Otherwise, you can always appoint a designated driver and do one yourselves!

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2) Take your Buck Whiskey Tasting!, Melbourne

Head to a class by the Humble Tumbler at the Black Pearl in Fitzroy and partake in a fancy whisky tasting hosted by a top hospitality and whisky connoisseur, Fred Siggins. You’ll be entertained while you improve your knowledge of this sophisticated beverage…what more could you want from a bucks party?

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3) Strip Club, Melbourne

No dollars party in Melbourne is total without seeing a hot stripper or going to a strip bar. I, in fact, believe in some states it’s legally required that you take a male who will get married to a strip bar! Melbourne is the home of a few of the hottest chicks on the planet! And precisely what better method to reveal the first male who much you are looking forward to his wedding event than getting a chick to shake her things just inches from his face. This is always an excellent night, and you blokes will have a great time as you have a drink in your hand, a smile on your face and a bulge in your pants … … from your wallet that has lots of dollar bills … exactly what you thought I indicated? Come on man, get your filthy mind from the gutter.

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4) The Best Bucks Party Bus, Melbourne

As long as there have been Melbourne bucks nights, there have been bar crawls. This is with a cool celebration bus taking you around Melbourne – party on the road! A pub crawl is excellent, but the issue with them is first of all what clubs do you choose? And second of all who can be arsed strolling from pub to pub? Well, the Melbourne Party Bus states screw that! You see on the Melbourne Party Bus, that is private by the way, you will be taken to a couple of different bars, a strip club and perhaps even a club! And the very best part is the party never stops! Once you are finished in one place, you get on the bus where you keep on partying thanks to the pimped out busses stereo and remarkable party areas! Along with making certain the party never stops, The Melbourne Party Bus will make certain you young boys enter all the bars and clubs which there is no handling beast sized bouncers.

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5) Casino Night With Topless Dealers, Melbourne

Book an amazing, enjoyable dollars night with poker tables and topless dealerships in Melbourne. Hey, I will admit immediately I am horrible at gambling, but with a little tuition and some assistance from my mates, I was up there with the best of them. We pertain to you or if you need aid with dollars friendly function rooms in Melbourne, that likewise doesn’t cost and arm and a leg.
A Casino night is a lot of fun and does not need to be as pricey as you think! Additionally, go to the Crown Casino on Whiteman street in Southbank.
In any case, this sounds leaving for your Melbourne dollars celebration– may not have the ability to concentrate or keep your poker face with those tits starring in your face!!
Bachelor parties can occur almost anywhere. The typical bachelor party includes typically some mix of the following: alcohol, strippers, betting (perhaps not in that order). However, the pattern nowadays is towards old-fashioned guyness– a weekend spent bonding in the woods, for instance. Others prepare high-adrenaline adventures such as white-water rafting, skydiving, or rock climbing. Tamer bachelor parties might include a weekend in Atlantic City gaming, a round of golf and a great steak dinner, or an expensive night at a cigar bar. Naturally, weekend trips involve travel and related expenses. If time is of the essence or all celebrations involved are on a budget, then a local bar, a hotel space, or the best man’s apartment or condo are great bachelor party locations.

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6) Bucks Party Golf Ideas, Melbourne

There certainly isn’t much that beats a day on the course with your best mates unless of course you throw in our famous ‘Wicked Bowls Bunnies’ to grab the beers! Our “Melbourne Bucks Golf Package” also includes return transfers, nine holes of golf, and luxury accommodation smack dab in the middle of the city! Sure to be an amazing day full of drinks, laughs, girls and golf!
For something a bit more classic, head out to your local golf course and have an outdoorsy bucks party. Have a leisurely game with your pals, before heading out to a nice dinner at one of Melbourne’s many wonderful restaurants.

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7) Paintball, Melbourne

Listen up ladies it’s time to put down the dolls and take of your dress as you lock and load and get you bad ass on… and I am talking Jean Claude Van Damme level of lousy ass here by the way. As you people fight with each other in a “friendly” plot of paintball. This is a favourite with dollars groups all over the freaking world, and the reason is weapons are cool and shooting your mates in the back, arse or legs (which stings like hell, by the way, trust me I know!) is amusing!
Something that individuals continuously get a huge toss out of is the various video game situations. You will seem like you are contributing to some computer game or Hollywood action motion picture… Now the concern you have to ask yourself is do you have the balls to put yourself in danger and take your mates down!

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8) Clay Pigeon Shooting, Melbourne

In sticking with the weapon style, I have for you gents a more prominent and dare I state elegant method to seem like a big guy. Which is with a day of clay bird shooting in Melbourne. Listen not enough blokes have had the joy of holding something effective in their hands like a shotgun! These things kick all sort of arse, and it’s difficult not to feel like you are some action star like The Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Vin Diesel!
As cool as getting to hold the guns is. You men will be taught by men who know their stuff, and they will make sure that your kids have the very best chance of hitting the clay birds. Something that you just must do when you have this as part of your dollars celebration is put a little wager on who can shoot the most clay birds. Some beers, a horrible attempt or some other kind of mean surrender is always an enjoyable time… well not enjoyable for the guy who can be found in last, however, the rest of you will have good make fun of his expense.

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9) Go-Karting, Melbourne

Ah, racing now here is a thing that us people just never grow out of! Go-karting is an excellent idea for you Melbourne dollars day as it’s an activity that pretty much anyone can have a go of. Sure some of you will be remarkable chauffeurs and others, who in a sane world would have had their license removed them years earlier by the federal government! But here it’s everything about having a good time, taking those corners at high speed, putting your foot down and speeding past a mate and trying to make sure you are the bloke who is in first place at the end of the day. This is an excellent method to spend a couple of hours, and it’s sure to be a highlight of your dollars party. For you men who like racing computer game or just want to watch a little F1 on TELEVISION then this is a must-do activity for your dollars weekend.
The very best part of marrying is the bucks night… Ok, so my priorities may be a little off here, however, hi who cares? I have for you guys 3 of the best Melbourne bucks night ideas!

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10) Bucks Party Boat Cruise, Melbourne

One of the top activities to do for your dollars party in Melbourne is travelling around Dockland or Yarra River in your boat. A fantastic event to do specifically if you combine with having some partially nude waitresses, strippers on the party boat you are set for a great time. Go bananas have some of the best party boats in Melbourne and instead of ringing around to 10 various places, we understand which ones are perfect for a bucks celebrations, suitable for smaller groups, more significant groups, BYO or completely certified, beverages bundles and have food consisted of. Early afternoon to the evening these boats enjoy to take groups out for an either 3 or 4-hour cruise.

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