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Jungle Zip line - Cancun

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime and come visit the largest zipline circuit in North America. With 12 ziplines covering a distance of nearly 2 miles (3km), you'll get to see all of the Cancun jungle. Recognized by Travel and Leisure Magazine as "one of the 35 great adventures in the world", this family-friendly tour is a Cancun experience you don't want to miss. Hotel pickup and drop off as well as food is included in the adventure.

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Flying Hanuman - Phuket

This is one of those experiences you can’t leave Phuket without trying at least once. This rainforest experience has you zipping along the treetops in the most thrilling zipline in all of Asia. The course is renowned for it’s care and sustainability of the environment, so enjoy all the forest with the piece of mind that everything is done to preserve this natural area. And of course, strap onto the line and see the forest as it blurs past you overhead, alongside and underneath you. You’ll truly feel at one with nature as you go for this ride.

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Zip trek Tour - Queenstown

This isn’t your average zipline experience. This is a ziplining tour of Queenstown. If you opt for the expert experience, you’ll be on a three hour tour of the Queenstown region, covering 6 different ziplines, including the world’s steepest tree-to-tree zipline there is. You’ll pass across ravines and forests at a blistering 70km/h at over 70meters up in the air. This is not for the faint-heart, but it is a must-do thrill for those junkies needing to push to the extra level. At each platform, you’ll meet another local guide who can give you history and background to the area, all while hooking you up for the next thrilling ride.

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