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Grand Prix Simulator Racing - Melbourne

Enter a digital world as you step up to the drivers seat. As soon as the race begins, the world around you will vanish and you will be in the Grand Prix race, about to win the championship. When you are not racing, sit back in the modern lounge with a beer, listening to new and upcoming DJs.

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Drag racing - Sydney

At the Sydney dragway, you’ll find the hottest and most souped cars, if you can call them that, ready to battle it out for the final spots in the elimination rounds. The cars travel down the length of the track at blistering paces, unable to comprehend unless you’re there actually witnessing it. The cars take just seconds to fly down the track and it’s incomprehensibly fun and loud. Be sure to bring ear plugs, or else buy them at the site. Tickets can be purchased for all the qualifiers, or simply for the Elimination Round. The 5000 seat track is fully shaded so even on those hot days, you can still enjoy a day down at the track.

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Rally School - Sydney

Get behind the wheel for this incredible driving experience in your very own rally car. Drive the impregnable Subaru WRX STI or the incredibly-handled Mitsubishi Lancer EVO for a tour through the bushland surrounding Sydney you won’t soon forget. Choose your choice of experience, whether it be grinding U-Turns in tight corners, or a full two-car race around the track for a 16 lap Grand prix. You choose the car, you choose the course and the fun chooses you. Slide over the gravel yourself, or book an instructor to demonstrate what the cars can really do on these tight turns. You won’t be disappointed in the unique driving day.

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V8 racing experience - Sydney

There aren’t many Australians who wouldn’t jump at the chance to get behind the V8’s that tear up the course each year at Bathurst and many other famous races. Now you can get behind the wheel, and have the driving experience of your life. Get behind the wheel, with your new best friend, the professional driver sitting right beside you, pushing you faster and harder. Even if you so choose, you can also ride shotgun, with the driver taking you around the Sydney Motor Park at alarmingly fast speeds. So get kitted up in the helmet, gloves, suit and hit the track for this incredible day at the races.

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